5 Interesting Railways in the World

Railway travel has existed for years, even before the first steam engines appeared, when they were pulled along rails by horses. They have also captured the imagination of thousands of people around the world.

But there are many different fascinating railways across the world, but today we’re going to focus on 5 interesting railways in the world.

The London Underground.

Opened in 1863 and serving only as a stretch of line because of the cut and cover method – a trench dug in a street, reinforced with bricks and an arch with the railway lines installed – between Paddington and Farringdon in the city of London, no one could have imagined that eventually, with extensions and advancements in tunneling technology, where diggers placed themselves into a metal cylinder and lowered deeper into the ground and created iron ringed tunnels lined with concrete, that the world’s first Underground railway system would be built.

One of the most interesting things about the London Underground was its time during the London Blitz, where the people of London used it as an air raid shelter to hide from the bombing. Although it has been upgraded a great deal to run properly, the London Underground is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in the city. With distinctive station architecture and the bar and circle symbol, it’s one of the symbols of London.

Glasgow Subway.

The London Underground is not the only underground railway on the list, and the Glasgow Subway deserves its mention in the list because it is unique and fascinating for many reasons. The third oldest Underground railway after the London Underground and the Budapest Metro, the Glasgow Subway opened in 1896.

The Glasgow Subway is unique because it’s one of the few railways to operate with a running gauge of 4ft. It was also once a cable-hauled railway before it was electrified, but one of the reasons for its inclusion on this list is because it has never been extended since its opening. It’s been modernized of course to meet the demands of time, with trains and stations modified, but because of the costs, the Subway has not been extended beyond its original route, a circle in Glasgow. There are plans, but only time will tell if the system is modernized.

Maeklong Market Railway.

Definitely deserving its place in the list, the Maeklong Market Railway in Thailand is special because the food market is built on railway tracks. Shopkeepers have to move their produces of fish, vegetables and fruit a few times each day as a train passes by, and are replaced when the train has gone.

Tunnel of Love.

Have you sometimes seen a photo of your perusing pictures of railways and come across what looks like a tunnel with a railway line, and thought it was beautiful but too good to be true? The Tunnel of love does exist, it’s a section of an industrial railway line covered with forest. The trees form a green corridor, attracting many romantic couples, and photographers. It is also said it grants wishes for couples.

Trans-Siberian Railway.

The longest railway line in the world certainly deserves its place on the list for 5 interesting railways in the world. A network of railways connecting Moscow, Russia, with the far east of Russia and the Sea of Japan, with connecting branches heading for Korea, Mongolia, and China. Since 1916, it has connected Moscow and is continually expanding. When working on a section Russian engineers work on both ends and move towards the center.

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